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Offering the Musikgarten Curriculum: "Come for the fun; stay for the education"
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Private Piano Study

     My teaching studio

Almost weekly there is a news item about the positive link between brain development and piano music study.  Here's the latest article I've come across: Brain Science and Music.

I welcome students into my private piano studio.  I offer different options, depending on the student's background:

1/ New to piano young student
Not sure if your child is ready for a committment to weekly piano lessons?  Musikgarten offers a 5 to 6-week starter class called Intro to Keyboard that is a great way to try it out. 
Once that is completed and the decision to continue has been made, all new students are placed in the Musikgarten Music Makers at the Keyboard curriculum and we work through the curriculm one-on-one. I supplement with additional material to support each student's progress.

2/ New to piano adult student
Musikgarten has a curriculum for adults called Enjoying Piano Together, which can be taught in either a group setting, or privately.  After the curriculum is completed, we decide together what the next step is.  My adult students who have participated in the group class (three to four students) have had a blast, while absorbing the Musikgarten foundation.

3/ Graduate of Music Makers at the Keyboard
I love teaching MMK grads, and understand their particular needs, as they make the transition to more traditional lessons. 

4/ Students (all ages) with previous piano or instrumental lessons
Students who have studied in the traditional private piano (or other instrument) lessons can continue their studies with me.  For the first twenty years of teaching, I taught only traditional lessons, and love opening the door for students to the vast piano repertoire.  

                   June 2018 Piano Recital at St. James Lutheran Church, Southbury, CT